From the beginning of their individual writing careers, award-winning authors Bethany Jett and Cyle Young sought to create awesome opportunities to help writers. They've teamed together and recruited some their talented author friends and associates to help launch SERIOUS WRITER ACADEMY.

Because you should learn from the best.

At Serious Writer Academy, you can take classes on craft, platform, proposals, picture books, non-fiction, novels, the business of writing, and more. Many of these classes will be taught by award-winning and best-selling authors who also want to help you succeed in your writing journey. We will release classes continuously, so there will always be fresh content. If you want to learn from a specific person in this industry, send us a message and let us know!


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Please note our promotion company, Serious Writer, Inc. and Serious Writer Academy are not accredited academic institutions and do not issue diplomas or academic certifications or degrees. We do not accept student loans or provide student aid under any programs. We are a for-profit training and research center for personal and professional development.