Critiques are a fantastic way to have your manuscript assessed by industry professionals pre-event!

This will enable you to have time to make adjustments and edits according to the feedback received prior to any pitching sessions at the conference. These meetings will take place via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom by appointment with the faculty member of your choice (list below).

Payment and Time

Critiques cost $35 per critique session paid directly to the person performing the critique.

Each critique will last approximately fifteen minutes pre-conference via phone or video conference. Please respect the time of person performing the critique.


1. Email the faculty member(s) you want to perform your critique(s) and ask if they still have space available. Put “{insert event name} NCCWC Critique Request” in the subject line.

2. If they can accept your critique, you’ll send the manuscript in proper format (Times New Roman, 12-pt font, chapters double-spaced).

3. Schedule your call with the faculty member. Please keep an eye on the time, as these calls are limited to 15-minutes.

Please note: if your critique will happen at the conference, the faculty member will block off time on their appointment sheet at their discretion. You will be responsible for meeting with them at that time. The critique appointment is in addition to the other one-on-one appointments at the conference.


  1. Inspirational
    Devotionals – up to 1,000 words

    Bible Study – up to 1,000 words
  2. Nonfiction –Chapter breakdown/synopsis; Submit first chapter

    Memoirs/Personal Essay
  3. Short Nonfiction: Magazine Feature Article – under 1,500 words
  4. Flash Fiction/Poetry– under 1,000 words
    Under 500 words
    Under 1000 words
  5. Novels: General, contemporary, literary, etc.– Submit first three chapters or first 15 pages whichever comes first.
  6. Romance (western, historical, fantasy, etc. Please note: no erotica will be accepted.)– Submit first three chapters or first 15 pages whichever comes first.
  7. Thriller/Mystery/Suspense – Submit first three chapters or first 15 pages whichever comes first.
  8. Speculative (no horror)– Submit first three chapters or first 15 pages whichever comes first.
  9. Children’s and Youth
    Picture Books – Submit entire work.

    Easy Readers – Submit entire work.
    YA Fiction – Submit first three chapters.
    YA Non-fiction – Submit first three chapters.
    Middle Grade – Submit first three chapters.
    Chapter Books – Submit first three chapters.
  10. Proposals
    Nonfiction – Submit proposal with one chapter.

    Fiction – Submit proposal with the first chapter.

Faculty Taking Critiques for NCCWC 2020

Victoria Duerstock

Genres: Social Media Critiques, Short Devotionals, Nonfiction


Hope Bolinger

Genres: YA, MG, and stageplays (first ten pages)

Number of Critiques: 10


Bethany Jett

Genres: Nonfiction, proposals, YA (nonfiction and fiction)

Number of Critiques: 10


Cyle Young

Genres: All

Number of Critiques: 10


Andy Clapp

Genres: Email for specific genres

Number of Critiques: 5


Eva Marie Everson

Genres: Novels (Women’s, Contemporary, Historical, and Biblical)

Special Instructions: Send query to her email with SERIOUS WRITER request in the subject line

Number of Critiques: 5


Michelle Medlock Adams 

Genres: Picture books, NF books proposals, devotionals

Number of Critiques: 7



If you have any questions, please contact us at with “Critique Question” in the subject line.