I’m a Christian, Minister’s Wife, and Mother of 5. 2 Beautiful Daugters and 3 VERY LOVED children in Heaven. I own a Small Town Newspaper and run this Ministry.

 I love Vintage Style Clothes, Iced Coffee, Chick-Fil-A, Old Movies, Shoes, Creating Content, Yummy Smelling Candles, and although I am not musically talented – music is  a HUGE part of my life. 

A huge passion of mine is to advocate for the Pro-Life // Anti-Abortion Movement. The name “BOLD BLONDIE” comes from when I first began advocating for the Anti-Abortion movement.  Some of the Pro-Abortion supporters would call me “Blondie” along with a lot of other names that aren’t appropriate to say here or anywhere really. 😉

One comment left on my Instagram, from a particularly aggressive Pro-Choice woman said, “Oh no, the Bold Blondie is here to put us in our place.” She was being sarcastic but I loved the title so much, it stuck!

Even though I am not blonde, my boldness for Truth is still growing and so I continue to be referred to as “The Bold Blondie.” 

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Instagram for Pros

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