Nancy I. Sanders is the bestselling and award-winning children’s author of over 100 books. Some of her books are for little kids. Some are for big kids (like adults).

Some won awards. Some are out-of-print.

Many are with big publishers. Many aren’t.

A few didn’t earn her a penny. A few earned enough to help buy a new house.

Half of her books are for the general market. Half are for the Christian market.

Nancy’s passion is to help other writers (like you) build a successful writing career (like she has). If she can, you can, too!

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Nancy’s Academy Classes

$49 – lifetime access

Developing 3-D Characters

Develop Your Characters with Top Secret Detective Files Want to change your cardboard characters into a 3-D cast kids will connect with as friends? Craft a Top Secret Detective File to get the inside scoop on what makes your characters come to life. You’ll learn how to interview your characters, use a Word Wall to impact your characters’ personality, and brainstorm ideas for your main characters and secondary characters alike! Video 1: Putting the Top Secret Detective File together Video 2: Brainstorming your character’s personality traits Video 3: Brainstorming your character’s name Video 4: Interviewing your character Video 5: Creating and implementing a Word Wall Video 6: Using your Top Secret Detective File

$29 – lifetime access

Humor Writing for Kids

Humor writing and children’s just goes well together, but humor is hard to pull off. How do you be silly while presenting a great product that can last for generations? Multi-published children’s author Nancy Sanders will walk you through how to effectively write humor for kids, in a way that will keep agents and editors reading, and is entertaining for all audiences, especially for the kids.

$29 – lifetime access

Getting in the Writer's Zone

Getting in the Writer’s Zone As writers, we often sit down at our desk and demand our brain turn on like a light switch. The brain, however, literally has a mind of its own. It refuses to be manipulated, bargained with, or even persuaded to perform. Just as a trainer can teach a dolphin to perform at a 5:00 show, however, you can learn effective strategies to train your brain to work with you. Bestselling children’s writer Nancy I. Sanders shows you how. Good-bye writer’s block! Welcome to the writer’s zone! Video 1: Know Yourself Video 2: Facing Your Fears Video 3: Creating Your Unique Zone Video 4: Top Hacks to Get in the Zone Video 5: GPS for Success

$29 – lifetime access

Pacing the Plot in Children's

Want to know how to get proper pacing in your children’s manuscript? Haven’t quite nailed how to accurately get that three-act structure? In this course, multi-published author Nancy Sanders, with over a million children’s books in print, will walk you through how to pace that plot.