What is the Serious Writer Academy? 

 Glad you asked!

The Serious Writer Academy is a catalogue of classes suited for the publishing industry specifically. We have classes on fiction, nonfiction, children’s writing, marketing, platform, and more.

Think of these as classes you’d take at a writer’s conference. Except you don’t have to worry about randomized schedules and missing a class due to pitching appointments. And you don’t have to worry about those ENORMOUS conference prices. You know, the ones that cost you $1000+ to MAYBE get a class catered to your specific publishing needs.

Instead, you can take these classes on your own time, have lifetime access to these classes, AND it’s for a FRACTION of the cost that you would pay to receive the same materials at a writing conference.

Build your own writing conference below at your own time, peruse our classes by genre, and learn from some of the industry’s top professionals. 



Adding Sizzle to Your Sweet Romance

Fine-Tuning Your Fiction

Plotter or Pantser: Which are You?

50 Ways to Fix Stilted Dialogue

50 Ways to Defeat Writer’s Block

Fangirl to Famous

Create Strong Characters with Personality Profiles

Deepen Your Story with Deep POV

Kindle Your Creative Spark

Psyched Characters

Binge Writing

The Hero’s Journey

10 Tips to Double Your Freelance Income

Write for Chicken Soup for the Soul

Writing Convincing Nonfiction Part One

Writing Convincing Nonfiction Part Two

Securing Interviews: Do’s and Don’ts

Research for Nonfiction and More

Writing for the Educational Market

Queue Up for Quotes

All Things Collaborative and Ghostwriting

Children’s Writing 101

Five Reasons to Write Children’s Nonfiction

When Rhyme is a Crime

What Kind of Children’s Book?

Rhythm, Rhyme, and Repetition 

Hopeful Picture Book Author 

Writing Nonfiction for Kids 2.0

Writing Nonfiction for Kids 2.5

Writing Christmas Picture Books 

Developing 3-D Characters

Humor Writing for Kids

Getting in the Writer’s Zone

Picture Book Proposals that Sell

Pacing the Plot in Children’s

The Essentials of Dialogue

All About Character

Finding Your Story

The Beat Sheet

Structuring Your Movie

Do’s and Don’ts of Devotionals 

Writing Children’s Devotionals

Faith-Based Freelancing


Healthy Spirituality: Keeping a Journal

Writing Themed Devotionals

40 Ways to Market Your Book

Running Your Writing Life as a Business

Explode Your Instagram Growth

Explode Your Twitter Growth

Create Engaging Opt-Ins

Canva: Create Memes and More

Intro to WordPress

Intro to Pinterest

Basics of Email Marketing

Build Your Instagram Brand

Instagram for Pros

Sell 1000 Books in 3 Months

Amazon Service Marketing Ads

BookBub Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads

Pitch Perfect

Ten Ways to Catch an Agent’s Eye

Killer First Page

Write a Winning Query

Zero to Book Deal

How to Form a Critique Group

21 Trade Secrets and Best Practices

Win at Winning Contests

Self Publishing 101