How does a writer get inspired for a new project? Listen as the Brew & Ink crew delve into the different solutions and struggles for a writer as they begin a new project.

Then the Flash Fiction Competition continues with Bill Hawkins and Evangeline Victoria Porter going head to head on The Heist of Song! Bill drew Historical Fiction and EV drew Horror. Check out their stories and vote for your favorite here on FB or on our website!



In this episode:

How do you choose the next project to begin?

Once you choose the next project, do you do research or just dive in?

How do music, movies, books, and other media help inspire you to write?

How do you overcome the overwhelming nature of bigger projects like a novel?

Bill Hawkins reads his historical fiction version of The Heist of Song

EV Porter reads her horror version of The Heist of Song

Go to the website or our Facebook page to vote for your favorite!


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Written by BrewInk

October 1, 2018

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