Brew & Ink Podcast – s5 ep14 – Singularity Ch14 The CORE

Who makes New Years Resolutions? Are they important? Britt Mooney and Steven Faletti discuss the successes of 2019 and their goals as writers and podcasters for 2020. Then author MB Mooney shares The CORE, chapter 14 of Singularity, where Mitchell and Jinn finally make it to Nexus. Listen and vote for the path to the end of the story!

Listen here:

In this episode:

What are New Year Resolutions?

Do we make resolutions?

What is the difference between resolutions and goals?

Britt and Steven share their success for 2019.

The guys share their goals for 2020.

Britt shares Chapter 14 of Singularity, The CORE.


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Written by BrewInk

January 13, 2020

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