Brew & Ink Podcast – S5 Ep3 – Singularity Ch 3 Tychomatter

What are the top writing tips we’ve ever received and put into action? Writers need wisdom and inspiration to continue in our stories and careers. Steven Faletti and Britt Mooney share their top two writing tips, advice that changed our writing journeys. Then Steven shares Singularity Ch 3 Tychomatter. Listen and vote for what will happen in the next installment of the story!

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In this episode:

What are the top two writings tips we’ve received as writers?

Britt shares his top two!

Steven shares his top two!

Steven reads Ch. 3 of Singularity – Tychomatter!

Listen and vote for the next episode.



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Written by BrewInk

August 5, 2019

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