Brew & Ink Podcast – Season 3 Ep 1 – Midnight Showing 1

We’re back! And saucier than ever, baby. After an amazing 2018 with two great seasons of material with audience participation, Season 3 Midnight Showing is here!

There’s been a MURDER! During a comedy show on a cruise, a man violently dies from poison. Who are the suspects? In the first episode, investigator Dr. Jack Wolfe kicks off the story and the setup. Which suspect should be interviewed first? You decide! Listen to the podcast and then go to to vote.

Listen to the episode here:


In this episode:

A quick recap of 2018 and the Brew and Ink Podcast.

Each of our members give a little update and what our individual goals are for 2019.

We announce the winner of the Flash Fiction Competition!

Author MB Mooney reads the first installment of Midnight Showing.




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Written by BrewInk

February 19, 2019

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