We’ve long discussed making sure you have content on a platform that you own and with all the craziness revolving around Big Tech these days, we are no longer comfortable leaving a lot of content on these platforms. 

For instance, without warning or reason, Serious Writer co-owner Cyle Young was temporarily restricted from his account, including the ability to go live within our own Facebook groups.

To avoid this happening again, we’re introducing the Serious Writer Family to Discord.

The Discord platform is similar in interface to Slack and has almost endless possibilities for how we can sort and share information, including:

  • Smaller groups so you can interact with others within your genre
  • Networking opportunities for writing jobs, pitches, etc.
  • And more!!

We recommend downloading Discord to your phone or computer. It works for Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android. We LOVE that it has both desktop and app capabilities. 

Our Family & Club Facebook groups will remain in place, so no worries there!!! We just want to have a place outside of Facebook so that no matter what, we’ll still be able to communicate and not worry about being “canceled.”

Want a Discord Tutorial Walk-Through?

Bethany Jett filmed a step-by-step walk-through video of how to utilize Discord, along with some ideas you can use for your book launches, book studies, groups, etc. 

Tutorial link: https://youtu.be/F0pJjkGv3fY

Want to join the Serious Writer Family Discord server? 

We’d love to have you! Here’s the Family Discord link to join: https://discord.gg/QYmU7cDe9g

We’ll slowly be rolling out this move, along with training videos, so be sure to subscribe AND receive notifications for the Serious Writer YouTube channel and our Facebook groups.

Thanks for being part of our Serious Writer family! Leave questions in the comments!

You can watch the YouTube video here.

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Written by Bethany

March 31, 2021

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