With the recent push for diversity in literature and entertainment, which we celebrate, what about dignifying people with mental illness in our stories? People with mental illnesses have been stigmatized, portrayed as “crazy” or dangerous or criminals often times. This has been changing but how can it improve even more? We talk with Tina Yeager, Christian author and experienced counselor, on the topic for us as writers.

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In this episode:

How did Tina get involved in counseling?

What is Tina’s background in writing?

What are some ways that we can dignify people with mental illness in our stories?

How has this been changing? How can it improve?

What are some examples of stories that do it well?

Why is it important for us to have heroes with mental illness?

How can we research and learn about the reality of living with mental illness?








My website is https://tinayeager.com
Flourish-Meant is accessible from https://tinayeager.com/flourish-meantpodcast/

The publisher’s site has my book listed on this page: https://www.newhopepublishers.com/shop/beautiful-warrior/
Listeners can follow Tina on
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Written by BrewInk

July 15, 2019

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