The end of the first season! Check in with Britt Mooney and Steven Faletti and hear the thoughts of two authors regarding the amazing Star Wars show, Mandalorian. Did it end well? What were the plot holes? What were the critiques? What was awesome? Listen and let us know your thoughts on the Mandalorian. Spoilers ahead!

Listen here:

In this episode:

After two filler episodes, or the equivalent, how did the show get back to the main story?

How well did episode 7 set up the ending?

What did episode 7 do well and what lacked in the writing?

What did episode 8 do well and what lacked in its writing?

How well did episode 8 wrap up the first season?

What can we look forward to in season 2?

Britt and Steven summarize the overall impact and value of the season.


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Written by BrewInk

January 27, 2020

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