Interbrews 29 – Realm Makers Virtual! 2020 Recap

Going back to Realm Makers! But with all the pandemic going on, the in person conference was canceled and it all went virtual. Author MB Mooney (Realm Makers vet) and author Melinda Eye Cooper (Realm Makers rookie) discuss the conference, give a recap, and the pros and cons of a virtual experience.

Listen here:

In this episode:

How did Melinda find out about Realm Makers?

What did she feel about the conference as a first time attender?

How did Britt feel about the virtual conference as a RM vet?

What were the good things about a virtual conference?

How well did Realm Makers deal with the tech problems?

What did Britt and Melinda miss in a virtual conference?

What were some of the best moments?

What were some of the greatest classes?


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Written by BrewInk

August 3, 2020

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