The classic animated series from Nickelodeon, AVATAR The Last Airbender, is on Netflix and available for a whole new generation of kids to experience. Our Brew & Ink Crew is joined by a teen that’s seen it for the first time (special guest Micah), along with adults that watched back when it aired or saw it recently for the first time. We go through Season 1 episode by episode, giving thoughts as writers and fans. SPOILER FILLED!

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In this episode:

What is the background of the Nickelodeon series, Avatar the Last Airbender?

Why was it so popular when it came out?

How has it remained so popular?

The Brew & Ink Crew look at the writing and structure of the show.

The Crew look at their favorite episodes of season 1.


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Written by BrewInk

August 17, 2020

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