Humble. Authentic. Inspirational. Trail-blazer. Obi-Wan. These are all true when talking about Frank Peretti. As an author he’s inspired generations of new writers. As a musician (he plays the banjo) he’s encouraged others through worship. As a speaker he’ll hit you right in the feels with his powerful testimonies. We were beyond honored to have Frank come aboard the #brewandinkpodcast and share some of his #wisdom, #wit, and #writingpractices.If you’ve never read any of his works we talk about a few you might want to check out: #ThisPresentDarkness, #peircingthedarkness, #illusion, #cooperkids series, #prophet, #monster, and more.Check out #Interbrews43 to hear the whole conversion. And then stay tuned because we’ve got more great interviews in the works for you!

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In this episode:

We introduce Frank Peretti, best selling author!

What were Frank Peretti’s influences?

Why does he think This Present Darkness was so popular?

What are some of his favorite stories today in pop culture?

What were some of his favorite stories he has written?

What is his writing schedule and process?

What is coming up for Frank Peretti?


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Written by BrewInk

August 16, 2021

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