In Episode 2 of the Serious Writer Podcast Bethany Jett and Cyle Young discuss:

  • 00:21- Children’s Writing
  • 1:21 How does your Idea Fit the Market
  • 4:00 Book Style
  • 6:55 Start Quick
  • 10:54 Non-Fiction Know Your Why
  • 12:59 Define Your Target Audience
  • 17:43  Set Goals
  • 19:14 Write in Chunks 
  • 26:34 Loosen Up
  • 33:01 Marketing and Platform
  • 42:18 Closing Remarks

Some great quotes:

  • “The ones that work the hardest and hustle the most get the book deals.” – Cyle Young
  • “If someone tells you that you need platform, they’re just eliminating their competition.”  — Bethany Jett
  • “…net of minutia…” – Cyle Young
  • “You don’t get a pass for being new.” — Bethany Jett
  • “An erratic writing life produces erratic results. A consistent writing life produces consistent results.” — Cyle Young

 Bethany quoted Seth Godin as building the platform “three years” ago. Here’s the actual quote we need to share: 
“The best time to start that was seven years ago. The second best time is right now. So start!” – Seth Godin
Reference link:

Cyle Insight on Childrens Writing – Serious Writer

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Serious Writer Podcast Ep.2 Overview – Serious Writer

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Written by Jake Rowe

March 11, 2022

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