Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 9 – Cody Morehead

Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 9 – Cody Morehead

What does an author – or any small business or artist – need to know about art design and marketing? Cody Morehead caught the graphic design bug a few years ago, and after learning from some major companies, he started his own business PubZoo to help writers, non-profits, and companies define their brand. But what does that mean? Listen to the great conversation with Cody about art design and marketing for authors.

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In this episode:

How Cody got involved in graphic design and Serious Writer.

What is branding?

Why is branding important for an author or business?

What are some of the common mistakes authors or writers make with graphic design?

Why is listening and paying attention to the market important for marketing?

Why is it important to realize we sell who we are more than the product?