Interbrews 15 – Carla Hoch – Fight Write

Interbrews 15 – Carla Hoch – Fight Write

Fight scenes! We love them when they’re good. They bore, confuse, or annoy us when they’re not. What makes a great fight scene? Listen to this great conversation with Carla Cook Hoch, author of Fight Write, and the things we need to think about during a fight scene to make them authentic and engage the reader.

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In this episode:

How did Carla get involved with martial arts and self defense?

What is her background in writing?

What are some common ways writers get fight scenes wrong?

What are some examples of when a book or movie got fight scenes right?

What are some ways that writers can improve their fight scenes?

What makes fight scenes seem authentic?

What are some of the chapters in the book that deal with emotions and the mind?

How can we find Carla and her podcast and book?