Interbrews 18 – Kerry Nietz

Interbrews 18 – Kerry Nietz

Amish Vampires! Check out this great interview with Author Kerry Nietz. He has published several novels, and listen as he talks about how he got into writing Sci Fi, his journey to success, and the importance of resiliency in making it as an author. Oh, and how to survive Amish Vampires in Space!


Listen now:


In this episode:

How did Kerry get into writing?

What was the journey to get into writing Sci Fi?

What was his first published book?

What was his first published fiction book?

How did he get the idea for Amish Vampires from Space?

What was the reaction and feedback for such a strange book?

What is coming up for Kerry?

What lessons has Kerry learned to share with writers getting started?

Why is perseverance so important to success?

What is the interest with Amish Vampires and film?