Fitness for Writers: Get Off Your Seat!

Fitness for Writers: Get Off Your Seat!

Fitness and writers are two words that don’t often go together. A common joke among writers is “Q: How do you write a book? A: Bottom in chair.” Today we’re talking about how to get your rear out of the chair! It’s awesome to have April Carpenter with us sharing tips and resources to make sure we’re taking care of our bodies and not just sitting forever. Check out her Facebook page!


Exercise Pyramid

1. Stop sitting so much.

2. Choose the active way. Move 30 minutes every day. PLUS aerobic exercises each week.

Banish Excuses

“If you complain, you will remain.”

When I’m writing, I get on a roll and can’t stop.

What if inspiration strikes while I’m on a walk? I’ll forget it.

April’s Personal Tips

  • Flip-flop water and caffeine throughout the day.
  • Nibble in the mornings.
  • Yogurt every other day.
  • Know your triggers. Sit properly at the computer.

Top Ten

  1. Make Exercise a Priority.

    Schedule the time with yourself daily.

  2. Make NO Excuses – readjust when necessary.

  3. Combine your writing goal with your workout goal.

  4. Products & Tech:

    • FitBit
      • do FitBit Challenges with your friends! 10,000 steps is a good goal. Drink water!
      • Bethany’s: FitBit Charge HR
    • MyFitness Pal app – free
    • Stability ball instead of desk chair – works on your posture
    • Stress ball
    • Resistance bands – can stretch your shoulders at your desk
    • Use a recorder or voice memo on your phone in case inspiration strikes, can also type in notes.
    • Wear a running belt to run or walk to hold your phone and headphones
    • Massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors
    • Good shoes *Bethany’s tip*
  5. Prayer

    • What are you afraid of? Time? Muscle soreness? Losing inspiration?
      Fear and faith demand hope without seeing.
    • Rhythms of Growth devotional
  6. Develop Your Own Rule

    Example: For every 20 minutes, drink 2-3 oz of water.
    For every hour of writing, I’m going to ________________.

  7. Stretch.

    God’s called you to do a work. You must take care of your instrument.
    Long-term, we need to be stretching every day.
    You lose flexibility every day that you don’t stretch.

  8. Take care of the whole package.

    Mind, body, and spirit. Relax. Eat healthy and yummy snacks: Kind bars, Pop chips, Larabars

  9. Get accountable.

    1. Join a gym.
    2. Call a friend.
    3. Do FitBit Challenges.
    4. Join a class at a community center or church.
  10. Connect the Spirit

    Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and Walking in this World: the Practical Art of Creativity

    1. Take a weekly walk.
    2. Make a date with yourself.
    3. Create your brain dump list in the morning.
    4. God will use us and unfold us in different ways.