Interbrews 20 – Zena Dell Lowe – Show Don’t Tell

Interbrews 20 – Zena Dell Lowe – Show Don’t Tell

Writers must learn the power of Show Don’t Tell. From novels to TV, films, and plays, great readers SHOW us the story, the characters, the theme in intriguing ways and lazy writers simply tell us these things. Zena Dell Lowe with Mission Ranch Films has years of experience as an actress and screenwriter and is passionate about teaching people how to tell amazing stories. Listen to the discussion with Zena complete with interesting examples from popular films. Show Don’t Tell!

In this episode:

Zena shares her background.

Zena talks about her love of teaching.

What does it mean to “show” and not “tell”?

Why is it important?

Show don’t tell in Lethal Weapon.

How do we contact Zena?