3 Tips for Explosive Growth on Twitter

3 Tips for Explosive Growth on Twitter

Explosive Growth on Twitter happens! I’m living proof that minuscule platforms can be transformed with just a few consistent steps of action and purpose. That’s right, being intentional with growing a platform will pay off big dividends in the long run. In less than two year’s time, I moved the needle from 53 followers to passing 6,000 today! Guess what that’s a 11220.75% increase! CRAZY right? I call that explosive growth!

Here are my top 3 tips!

#1 Post consistently

Do this. Please. Just be consistent. My numbers drop across all my platforms when I am not actively posting content. I get it. When there aren’t a lot of likes, comments, hearts, etc. it can feel like it doesn’t matter, but the reality is it absolutely does matter.

People see you, and what you post whether they comment or not. Post your own unique content, post other’s content that you like, re-post prior content.

I use a scheduling app to help me not spend too much time on socials, and I regularly go back to repost content. Especially when numbers are growing so quickly, you have to remember that you have new eyes that are not digging back through your timeline to see everything you have ever posted before. Reposting is a great opportunity to deliver great content to new eyes without any additional time spent creating.

#2 Learn to use hashtags effectively

Twitter is all about the hashtags. All hashtags are NOT created equal. Hashtags that work on other social sites will not always translate over to twitter very well and vice versa. Instagram hashtags are a different ballgame and it is not effective to use your letter count with hashtags that are better suited for a different platform.

  • Use the days of the week with your tags – #Mondaymotivation and #motivationmonday, #tuesdaythoughts, #Wednesdaywisdom for example.
  • Use what’s trending for hashtags – on any given day or any given time you’ll see that certain tags are trending. See if you can ride the wave because you have something to post that’s related to that hashtag!

Just recently I posted on #worldreadaloudday with a meme on reading. That tweet was retweeted 12 times to an audience of 187,000! You know it’s a great tweet when your scheduling app sends you an email congratulating you!

  • See what other hashtags people are using that post content similar to yours and then use those as well to promote your tweets.

#3 Track your results

Inspect what you Expect. The old adage is true! Accountability is important in goal setting. You can never demonstrate growth without tracking your results. I set goals monthly and yearly and I check my progress daily, making adjustments as necessary if I’m off the mark on any given week. Because I track my numbers diligently I sometimes find a strategy that is working for me and I then can capitalize on that success.

Just like the example above from #worldreadaloudday if I wasn’t constantly checking numbers but just posting, I wouldn’t know this and couldn’t use this information to help me in the marketing section of my proposal. I track daily because I’m a bit OCD and a perfectionist, but I love to look back at the way the numbers grow and then I really love it when I reach a goal before the deadline. It makes me work harder for the next one.

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I hope you’ll enjoy it.  Let me know how your growth improves – I love to hear your stories. Message me at my website www.victoriaduerstock.com.

Victoria Duerstock | SeriousWriter.comA MidSouth transplant from sunny Florida, Victoria Duerstock is living out her “one day” dreams. An avid reader from way back, she has a voracious appetite for all things bookish.  She reads fiction and non-fiction alike but well-written fiction that makes her solve a mystery or an ending she didn’t anticipate really grabs her attention.  She’s even been known to read a manual or two. Ok really, she reads all the manuals. 

Victoria is a contributor for Just 18 Summers and maintains her own blogs Encouraging Women Today and the Creative Corner
Victoria enjoys speaking and teaching and of course writing! She is excited to pursue publication of her novel Fractured, the first of three books in her clean read crime/suspense trilogy. She’s also busy exercising her non-fiction muscles as well and has been published in the following devotional anthologies
  • Let All Nature Sing, Worthy Publishing, 2016
  • Just Breathe, Worthy Publishing, 2017
  • Words to Cheer Your Heart, Worthy Publishing, publishing March, 2018