One Christian Voice is a network of local news divisions, sharing information and inspiration with the Christian community, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Sharing the Gospel and Strengthening the Tribe

Our primary mission is to lead people to Christ. We do that through publishing stories about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and also through our affiliate, 365 Day Bible, in which we share on every division, a daily Bible verse with a link to a daily Bible reading.

Our secondary mission is to be a vessel to inform, inspire and connect the Christian community through news sharing. Just as the Israelites were one nation of various tribes, united under one God, we are also a people from various locations and denominations, who serve under the lordship of one God. The Israelites were strong because they honored God, supported one another and stayed connected. Part of the mission of One Christian Voice is to be a vessel that promotes this God-honoring unity and connection.

Writers are Influencers

We hear what’s going on in the world and in our cities through the words of our journalists. Words are powerful. We get to know our God through the Words He wrote to us. The written Word of God has the greatest power known to man and the written word of man also has power. It has influence. It has authority. It changes minds, directs paths, enlightens the spirit, elicits emotion, empowers hearts, informs people and changes culture.

We are in need of Christians who, through eyes that see and ears that hear, can tell today’s stories: word people who are willing to go out into their communities, observe their surroundings and tap out the stories.

Publishing in One Christian Voice

If you would like to use your gift of writing to publish a story in One Christian Voice about someone or something happening in your community, here are the three easy steps to transition from fiction writing to journalism:

#1. Find a topic

Have you met someone whose faith and deeds inspire you? Did your church sponsor a unique or successful activity that had an impact on your community or brought people to Christ? We would love to inspire our readers with stories about those people and activities. We often share these stories across the other divisions to spur others on in their faith and inspire new ideas.

We also publish Magazine-style articles. If you have an expertise in any particular field such as education, health, business, technology, sports, or any other field, we would love to share your knowledge with our readers.

#2. Tell the Story.

Your article does not have to be lengthy. We publish articles starting at just 500 words. The attention span of average readers is shorter today and few people read to the end of an article that exceeds 1500 words.

If you want to write a story that gets read, include some conflict. The conflict can often be found in the former life of a believer and the resolution—a changed life. Other conflicts might be outside forces at work against the church or problems common to church communities today. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the conflict. Don’t make it up, but do a search for it and include it in your title.

Other factors that influence whether an article gets read include strong emotion, familiarity (or fame) of the people, proximity to the audience, size of the audience affected, and uniqueness of the content.

Put the important facts at the top. Unlike novels that slowly build to a climax, in journalism, the most important information comes first, with each successively less important piece of information following.

If you interviewed anyone, include several quotations. If you are writing about an event, try to get even one quotation from the performers. A great way to end a news article is to end it with an impactful quotation.

#3. Find the nearest division of One Christian Voice and email your story to the Editor.

If you have a love of writing and want to be a voice in the world today, we would love to publish your articles. The goal is not perfection. It is connection, so don’t get hung up on making it perfect. Take a look at what we publish, find out what is going on in your community and tell us about it. It is that simple.

If you do not find a local division of One Christian Voice near you, and if you have a solid grasp of both the Christian Bible and the English language, please prayerfully consider applying to launch a division near you.


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Written by Bethany

April 2, 2018

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