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Bestselling and award-winning author Tamela Hancock Murray understands what it takes to get published. She has been an agent for over 12 years and is currently with the Steve Laube agency.

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Q: How can I get started as a writer?

  • Pick a topic you are passionate about
  • Read in the genre you are interested in writing
  • Fiction writers: Read in your category
  • Know where your book “fits on the shelf”
  • Nonfiction: Ask yourself what else is out there in my category?
    • Check the local book stores
    • Check Amazon
  • Appeal to a broad audience, but be specific
  • Blog once a week or start a newsletter once a month

Q: Are a lot of publishers looking for agents to pitch the book?

A: It depends on the publisher. Micropublishing can be successful as well, but that does not involve using an agent.

Q: How does a literary agent help authors? An agent is your first line of defense to pitch to publishers. Agents:

  • Tailors your message to publishers
  • Give advice on writing edits
  • Get with the right personality
  • Help with light editing
  • Knows which writing contests authors should enter
  • Helps you read and interpret your contract

If you are considering working with an agent, choose an agent that knows your category.

Well-known Reader Markets

Q: How established does my social media platform need to be in order to be published?

  • There is no set amount of followers needed to be successful
  • Your agent will know the best publisher for you
  • Agents look for quality followers, not quantity
  • Your active Facebook group connections can help add to your numbers
  • Establish a presence online

Don’t let fear paralyze you to submit your best work (preferably in a word document) to an agent.

Q: Does being self-published help you get published by a large company?

A: No. Not unless they have sold 60,000 at 9.99.

Q: Should I get an editor before sending to an agent?

A: If you feel that you need your work edited, yes, please do so, although it is not required. Agents are not allowed to recommend editors.

Are you a new writer looking for an agent?

  • Look for a personality that would fit with yours
  • Find someone you want to work with as a long-term partner
  • Identify why that agent could help you with your writing career
  • Attend a writers conference to stand out to agents and publishers

How to stand out to agents

  • Be marketable
  • Be knowledgeable in your category
  • Have a fabulous title that draws in the reader

Connect with Tamela on Facebook and Twitter, or better yet, join us February 24- 28, 2016 at the upcoming 28th annual Florida Christian Writers Conference located in Lake Yale Conference Center, Leesburg, FL! 

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Written by Bethany

December 11, 2015

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