Are you prepared for this new year? We are spinning off of Tamsen Horton’s Quarterly Planning system (click here to see it!). See how Bethany, Jean, and Johnnie each plan out their writing and business calendars here:

How to set realistic goals:

  1. Know what works your business may not work for everyone and vice versa!
  2. Know your core why or reason you established your business. Your why is crucial to your goals, dreams, and living a fulfilled life.
  3. Planning helps you respect your time, including the weekends and rest time!

Writer’s Chat Overview

Tip: Turn off the computer to get more things done! Be sure to establish boundaries for family time and sleep, although as an entrepreneur, you are going to lose some sleep.

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I am currently reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown {kindle version here}. – This has inspired my weekly goal setting idea.

Jean’s new book Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room, an advent devotional just released on Amazon. {Click here for the kindle version.}

Final Thoughts

  • You can control your platform, your pitch, and your proposal to further your writing career.
  • Get serious. Join the Serious Writer Academy.
  • Don’t forget about upcoming Florida Christian Writers Conference in 2016. Be sure to sign up and dedicate your time to becoming a better writer.
  • As @Jeanwise says, “You can’t plan all day, you have to take action!”

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Written by Bethany

December 11, 2015

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