Brew & Ink Podcast – s2 ep6 – The Ventriloquist’s Daughter

Brew & Ink Podcast – s2 ep6 – The Ventriloquist’s Daughter

Controversy ahead! What are some of the popular movies or books that you don’t like? The Brew & Ink crew discuss some wildly popular stories and franchises that we think are bad. Then Sarah Akines and Katie Nunchucks read their version of The Ventriloquist’s Daughter, Sarah a myth and Katie humor. Listen and Vote in the link in the comments below! The winner goes to the finals!

Listen here:

In this episode:

Who won the last round of the competition?

What are some of the plans for the upcoming episodes and the Holidays?

What are some of the popular books, movies, or franchises that we hate? And why?

Sarah reads her myth version of The Ventriloquist’s Daughter.

Katie reads her humor version.





Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 5 – Author Scott Hawkins

Writer Sarah Akines interviews author Scott Hawkins in our latest Interbrews episode to talk about his first book, The Library at Mount Char, how he got into writing and publication, and how Stephen King poops out books like muffins.

Listen here:


In this episode we talk with Scott about:

How long it took him to get into publication

His original title and technical books he’s published

The importance of Beta readers and writing workshops

How languages shape our worldview

Character development and background sketches

The importance of having a great, successful first novel