Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 11 – Catherine Jones Payne

Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 11 – Catherine Jones Payne

Oh no! Not editing! Writers dread the process, but editing is a necessary part of publishing a great book. Listen to the interview with Catherine Jones Payne of Quill Pen Editorial Services and her perspective as an author and editor and how a great professional extra “set of eyes” can change and impact a book.


In this episode:

Catherine shares her background and how she got into editing.

What does Catherine enjoy about editing?

Why does a writer need an editor?

What are the different kinds of editing?

Catherine shares about her own writing – mermaids, murder, and mayhem.

What are Catherine’s next projects?






Brew & Ink Podcast – Interbrews 5 – Author Scott Hawkins

Writer Sarah Akines interviews author Scott Hawkins in our latest Interbrews episode to talk about his first book, The Library at Mount Char, how he got into writing and publication, and how Stephen King poops out books like muffins.

Listen here:


In this episode we talk with Scott about:

How long it took him to get into publication

His original title and technical books he’s published

The importance of Beta readers and writing workshops

How languages shape our worldview

Character development and background sketches

The importance of having a great, successful first novel



Publishing and Radio

Publishing and Radio

Athena Dean Holtz is the co-founder of Redemption Press and host of Always Faithful Radio Group, mentions the book Nam Vet: Making Peace with your Past (paperback here | e-book here) and how it sold 10,000 copies before it got a press behind it and has gone on to sell hundreds of thousands. Self-publishing can be an incredible tool, especially if you have an already-built audience.

Athena’s Publishing Tips

  • Be teachable!!! Use an editor, and critique group!
  • Have someone critique who isn’t your “yes” person and doesn’t know your entire back story. Too much familiarity can cause your reader to subconsciously fill in the gaps.
  • A speaker (or anyone who has a built-in audience) may need product right away – and self-publishing is a great way to fill this need.
  • Recommends Lightning Source for Print on Demand
  • Take the Time to Set Up:
    • Cover
    • Editing & Critiquing
    • Layout
  • Walk around Barnes and Noble and check out what you like. Write down your themes and commonalities so you can get the branding you want.

Always Faithful Radio Show

Athena is the host of the Always Faithful Radio Show on You can check out her author interviews on Fridays at 1 PM and you can catch her Periscoping the live interview and the replays here!

Tips for Being Interviewed on the Radio

  1.  Make sure to have suggested questions so you know where the conversation is going.
  2. Have your answers to the questions ready!
  3. Think through a sound byte answer {15-30 seconds max}, and give that first. If they ask more, they will ask.
  4. Don’t be long-winded. The host needs to pop in and “refresh” with the audience.