Brew & Ink Podcast – S3 Ep3 – Midnight Showing – Tabitha’s Story

Brew & Ink Podcast – S3 Ep3 – Midnight Showing – Tabitha’s Story

How important is social media to the modern author? Agents and publishers talk about numbers and platform. The Brew & Ink crew discuss the different options and solutions for the writer to engage. Then Katie Nunchucks shares her part of the MIDNIGHT SHOWING murder mystery. What are the new clues? Who should Dr. Wolfe interview next? Listen and vote!



In this episode:

What is important about social media?

What is the role it plays in being a writer and author?

What are some options for engaging with readers?

Katie reads her part of the Murder Mystery.




Brew & Ink Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 – Flash Fiction Competition Part 1

How do authors balance the discipline of writing with the rest of their life? The Brew & Ink crew discuss the different ways that we try to stay consistent with writing with jobs, families, and more.

Then it’s time for the throw down! Katie drew the genre of Fairy Tale and Britt (MB) Mooney Legends, and both had to use the title “Strongbow.” Listen to their flash fiction stories and then go to our website or here on our FB page to vote for your favorite!

In this episode:

How do you stay consistent with your writing?

How do you prioritize time to write in the midst of family and other responsibilities?

Why is the balance of writing and the rest of your life important?

Why is a support system such an advantage?

Katie reads her Fairy Tale version of Strongbow

Britt reads his Legend version of Strongbow