LeadPages Classes to Help you Get More Readers and Clients

LeadPages Classes to Help you Get More Readers and Clients

At Serious Writer, we’re huge fans of LeadPages. They can help business owners get their businesses off the ground and authors to expand their readership.

LeadPages is now offering free classes for people who want to know how to target more customers, and in the writing world, that means more readers.

Here’s a little bit more about the classes:

As a coach or consultant, you’re an expert in what you do.

But we often hear that managing the business side of things is a bit of a headache. The reasons are almost always the same: good clients are hard to come by, programs always need tweaking, and revenue is unpredictable.

Leadpages is hosting a free event called Converted Series: Seal the deal, and we think it’s going to help you overcome some of those challenges. They’re providing on-demand training that you watch first, and then attend the live workshops (Oct 21-23) where you’ll learn how to:

– Avoid low-commitment leads and star winning high-ticket clients

– Create short programs that help you redefine your offer and build your brand

– Generate passive income by creating a digital product that serves more people, 24/7

We like this format because it’s actionable and doesn’t take up a huge chunk of time.

You can book your spot for the event here.

Leadpages will then provide you with the free training material right away and send you a few reminders before the live workshops.