5 Tips for TikTok Beginners

5 Tips for TikTok Beginners

TikTok is a powerful social media platform that has quickly become the go-to for most people. If you’re new to TikTok and need some tips on how best to utilize this app, look no further! Here are five simple ways of using it:

Post 3-6 Times a Day

Starting out you will want to post 3-6 times a day on TikTok. Posting that frequently gives you the opportunity to reach many different types of audiences, which will help grow your account more quickly!
Make sure there’s some variety in the content you submit each week – sometimes we teach our followers how to do something related to our niche and other times they might just see us being funny or even dancing if this is something I’m good at 😉 The choice ultimately depends upon what fits best with personality as well as audience/goals; however, it should try not to be boring, or you’ll be just another swipe.

TikTok Trends

Join in on any trends you see for the For You page! The reason something is trending means that everyone else has been doing it. This gives an opportunity to jump into this trend and put your own twist with what interests or feeds into who are as well. it’ll give your video something unique while still keeping within Niche genres like Comedy or News which are popular right now in order for viewers’ interest to remain engaged throughout their time spent watching them.


There’s more than one way to put your content on display and some people might not be aware of the power behind hashtags. Make sure you use at least 300,000-1 million viewers targeted for your video because if they are too popular then it might be difficult for people who don’t know about them yet to see what all the hype was about and miss out!

Repurpose Content

TikTok is great for creating content that you can later repurpose on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When people enjoy your videos outside of TikTok, they’ll have another reason to come back! By repurposing content on other platforms you save time and effort, as well as doubling or tripling your odds of getting views.

Watch Time

The algorithm that runs TikTok is a complex system, but one thing you can do to help popularize your content and make yourself more visible on the platform is to sure people are watching! If your video has over 85% watch time it’s doing really well. The goal should be to get 100% or higher! The higher the watch time (coupled with a few other factors) will get you that much closer to having that 10K, 100K, or 1M video.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your following online, TikTok definitely seems like the perfect platform. It’s easier than other social media sites and doesn’t require as much strategy or effort – but don’t let its convenience fool ya! These basic tips will help get more views on videos; they just might take a little time.

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Brew & Ink Podcast – s5 ep6 – Singularity ch 6 The Pirates

Agents and publishers talk with authors about platform, but what is “borrowed platform”? Listen as Britt Mooney and Steven Faletti discuss the importance of networking, being generous, and connecting with others to help with “borrowed platform”. Then author MB Mooney shares The Pirates, ch 6 of the sci fi story Singularity. Listen and vote!


Listen now:


In this episode:

What is platform?

Why is it important?

What is borrowed platform?

How do you get borrowed platform?

What is the importance of networking and being generous and kind in the industry?

Author MB Mooney shares chapter 6 of Singularity, called The Pirates.









Platform vs. Writing Ability

As a literary agent, I routinely get asked which is more important platform or the quality of the writing?

For writers who are looking to get published, this is an important question to debate. It may be the most important question.

The correct answer is not as easy as it may seem. The winner of this important debate between platform and writing ability can change more frequently than the tide. For the purposes of this post, I will look at this great debate from a traditional publishing perspective as it pertains to unpublished authors. For self-publishers, a third-party candidate weighs into the equation—marketing/networking.

Unpublished Authors

I have looked at a great number of submissions from first-time/unpublished authors and wanted to scream because their work was sooo good, but they had zero platform. Zilch, nada, nothing.

No website. No Twitter. Not even Facebook.

Sure these are extreme examples, but I can’t sell books written by authors who have no platform. It’s very difficult to sell books by authors with a small platform—many times near impossible.

If you have an excellent book and no platform, some agent may be able to sell your book, but your success rate will be low and that path will be paved with a lot of rejection.

Writing is a Business

You have to remember, your book is your business. It’s a marketable and sellable product. To sell your book you need to have influence enough to convince potential buyers to purchase your product. And you have to understand that a real-world business with no influence doesn’t get sales, because it has no platform.

If you owned a small business with no buyer influence, would you risk going on the television show Shark Tank and attempting to get billionaire investors?

No, of course not.

Those billionaires would tell you that you had no proof of concept. No sales potential.

It’s the same way with most publishers. They want to see that the book has sales potential to an audience or fan base that you are already connected with. Maybe through speaking, YouTube, instructional classes, blogging, etc. and at the bare minimum they want to see that you understand platform and you are actively working on growing your writer’s platform.

As an unpublished writer, if you want to sell your manuscript to a traditional publisher, you need to spend 60%+ of your time and effort building your platform. If it’s not your passion, learn to love it. Learn to make platform-building part of your passion.

There is only one winner in the debate between platform and writing ability as it pertains to an unpublished author—platform.

What percentage of your writing time do you spend working on platform? How can you make platform your passion?