Book Trends in 2022

Book Trends in 2022

The future is shining for those who love reading! In 2022, there will be new trends that cut across the top genres in books from science fiction to romance—and everything else!

For February, the breakdown of the top 10 selling books include:

  • Nonfiction: 3
  • Fiction: 7

The global reading industry is doing well, (sadly) thanks in part to all the free time people had during the lockdown. Here are some fiction genres that will continue to be popular throughout 2022:


The genre of romance is a popular one, with its readership loyal to the core. The top romance subgenres include young adult and inspirational stories, in addition to historical romances which fall under this classification, as well.


While you may suspect that romance is categorically the top seller out of all genres, you might be surprised to know that children’s fiction sold over 1 BILLION books in 2020. The children’s category ranges from board books to YA.

Travel Books

With the lessening of COVID restrictions, people have increased their travel plans. It’s no surprise, then, that travel books saw an increase of 40% year-to-date through February, according to NPD group.

Thriller: Suspense & Mystery

Did you know that Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is the bestselling crime novel of all time. It’s been translated into 50+ languages and made into a few different feature films.

These exciting stories keep you on your toes by wondering what will happen next. Furthermore, it seems like every other week there’s an announcement about another novel being made into a movie or TV show.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

The vast, cumulative power of Science Fiction and Fantasy has always been a driving force in literature. It’s no surprise that these two genres continue to be one-of-a-kind with their broad market base or people looking for fantasy stories set among the stars

Young Adult

With the value of reading still high among young adults, this generation will continue to appreciate a good book. The top genres here include sci-fi and fantasy in equal measure with romance as well for those interested lovers’ stories!

This list definitely isn’t exhaustive. What genre is your favorite? Let us know!

Find Your Next Read

If you’re looking for a new book to add to your #TBR pile, look no further than Goodreads’ Most Anticipated New Spring Books list.

Happy reading!

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