Freelance Writing Jobs (For Beginners)

Freelance Writing Jobs (For Beginners)

Finding work for yourself as a freelance writer can feel like a daunting task. There are so many options when looking at potential jobs that range from traditional magazine articles, email newsletters, or even writing and scheduling Facebook posts for clients. Freelance writing jobs are pretty much everywhere nowadays.

Here are Types of Freelance Writing Jobs to help you find an opportunity suited for yourself!

Article and Feature Writing

The side hustle that never goes out of style, article writing, is a great way to make some supplemental money on the side. You can do this in your spare time and still maintain all other responsibilities (school/work/family). You can work individually or in teams, depending upon your needs and preferences- whether you need more articles for print publications or something else entirely different like blog posts about video games!

The income from article and feature writing can help writers supplement their income in between book deals, because the truth is, super big advances are not the norm.

Magazines and Newspapers

While this may be one of the oldest forms of freelance writing, there are still many opportunities out in front. With so much content published every day and new technology making it easier than ever to produce stories on any subject matter even if you’ve never written about it before!

Magazines are an excellent way to get your work seen by a targeted audience. Mag writers have the opportunity of being published in magazines with specific or niche topics, depending on what they’re looking for as far as exposure goes — but it also means that these pieces need thorough research and writing skills!

Web Writing

Magazines and journals now have an online presence in addition to their print counterparts. There are also countless ‘online magazine’ websites that exist entirely through content published on the web, which often includes articles or features about current events from a variety of perspectives.

Websites are everywhere! They cover every topic and type of audience. This makes it easier to find freelance writing work online, especially since there are thousands of websites out there waiting for content like yours.

Freelance writers need to be able to fish where the food is. As far as writing goes, there are many opportunities out in this big ol’ world and here at Serious Writer, we’re your guide! Check back with us to check out Copywriting, Content Writing, and Blogging for Freelance writers.


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7 Great Tips for Freelance Writers

7 Great Tips for Freelance Writers

There are many tips and tricks that aspiring freelance writers need in order to build a rewarding career as authors. The following article contains Tips for Freelance Writers that are invaluable suggestions for anyone who wants exciting, successful future writing pieces all over the world!

Tips for Freelance Writers

What is a Freelancer in the writing world? Freelance writers are often employed to create content for a variety of clients, such as newspapers and magazines. They can also work with different types of topics—some freelance novelists sell their short stories in creative writing journals while others write copywriting material for companies like Coke Zero.

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

As we continue on about our Tips for Freelance Writers, one important tip is don’t go too big too fast, ease into the job by devoting 10% of your time. It may take some time before your first client and successful money as a writer for hire; however once that happens don’t forget about holding onto a day job if one exists! Once things are going smoothly with both personal projects or corporate gigs then consider shifting more time, making this career change full time instead of just supplementing other sources like income.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share your passions with the world. If you have any skill that interests or fascinates people, consider becoming an online blogger so they can see what it’s all about! You’ll learn new writing techniques in order to create interesting content and build up a clientele through search engine optimization (SEO).

3. Basic SEO skills

tips for beginner writers

In today’s market, the need for content writing has skyrocketed. More and more companies are realizing the importance of content marketing. Content writers need to be able to write engaging blog posts that will keep readers coming back for seconds (and maybe even thirds). It’s also extremely helpful if these employees know a thing or two about SEO-they can optimize your site, so it ranks high in search engine results!

4. Improve time management skills

The ability to manage one’s time is a valuable skill in any profession, but it becomes even more crucial when you’re working on short assignments that require intense dedication. Learn how to set up daily routines for yourself where necessary tasks can take priority over other obligations so as not to miss deadlines or lose sleep doing boring work!

5. Seek Out Writing Jobs

As a freelance writer, you are solely responsible for finding new clients. Otherwise, there will be downtime between projects and no money coming in! One way of doing this is through networking with other writers who can help out when they’re booked up; offer them some work yourself if necessary (or just mention that yours needs an update). You should also keep looking around online job boards as well as reaching out by email introducing yourself firstly at whatever content director’s inbox happens into fall victim next time around.

6. Be Able to Market Yourself

When potential new clients reach out to you for freelance work, they’ll often want a sample of your previous writing in order to make an informed decision about hiring them. It’s also important that any testimonials from satisfied customers are easily accessible so these people can see what kind of person will be working on their project with integrity and care!

Here are a few job boards that we recommend,


7. Grow Thick Skin

As a freelance writer, you’ll sometimes hit that perfect bullseye and other times miss your shot. Don’t take negative feedback personally; it’s part of the process that we all go through when writing for clients in order to match their brand identity with an appropriate tone/voice! Successful writers use these experiences as opportunities not only to improve themselves but also to offer better services moving forward so, please remember this about being successful—you have no choice but to accept any change made necessary by someone else unless they specifically request otherwise (and even then).

Freelance writers who want to make an impression on others can find these tips quite useful. If you are working alone, try writing prompts that will help get your ideas out there and keep readers engaged with what they read! Keep it simple while still making sure everything has meaning so people understand all aspects of the passage.

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